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Converting from Joomla to WordPress helped this charity affect climate change efficiently.

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Jan 5th
Public Interest Research Centre
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Affecting Change Efficiently

The great folks over at the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) contacted our team for a Joomla to WordPress Conversion for their company website,

While they favored their custom Joomla template over that of other WordPress themes on the market, PIRC wanted to convert to WordPress to take advantage WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). Knowing that WordPress is much easier to update and add content to, they knew that converting their loved design to WordPress would be a hurdle.

Yep. PIRC wanted a CMS. Acronym rich, right? Ha!

To Convert Joomla to WordPress Is a Process, Indeed.

So, our design team welcomed the challenge posed of converting from Joomla to WordPress with open arms, and

  1. converted the Joomla template to a WordPress theme,
  2. by creating a custom WordPress theme, and then
  3. migrated the existing Joomla content over to WordPress.

PIRC was able to keep their existing Joomla template, generate some Google energy with their new WordPress site, and continue to affect climate change more efficiently.

This project is a perfect example of how migrating from Joomla to WordPress can help a site, and its administrators.

About PIRC

PIRC is an independent charity integrating key research on climate change, energy & economics – widening its audience and increasing its impact.

They sit between research organizations and campaigning groups; translating technical research into engaging material which inspires lasting change.

And their work examines the connections between climate, energy and economics.

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