TypePad to WordPress Design Service

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TypePad to WordPress Design Service

Moving from TypePad to WordPress Can Be Daunting. We can Help.

TypePad, from SixApart, was commonly used as a starting point for many blogs. However, over the years, TypePad development and enhancement has become stagnant since SixApart’s company overhaul in 2010. Many people who wanted more control than offered by Blogger, opted to use either TypePad or MoveableType. And while it seemed like a good platform, making content and media changes with TypePad are most often difficult, SEO isn’t as great as it should be, and media management can be a headache.

Moving from a complicated platform such as TypePad can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Los Angeles TypePad to WordPress Design Team can help you move from TypePad to WordPress easily.

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Why Convert from TypePad to WordPress?

Search Engine Optimization

Drive traffic to your own domain name instead of creating traffic for TypePad. It’s your content; it should be your traffic. The WordPress foundation is built-for SEO – out of the box.

Better Image Management

WordPress allows you to maintain your image naming conventions, which will increase traffic to your site. TypePad’s image and overall medai framework was poorly constructed, and is now outdated.

Mobile Content Entry & Editing

With WordPress, not only will you be able to easily change your content, but you can also change your content on the go. WordPress offers free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

CSS & Design Updates

Changing your TypePad Template design isn’t easy. But with WordPress, you have quick access to themes and theme edits in the dashboard.

Plugins, Addons, & Features

TypePad isn’t updating, and adding new features is almost impossible. WordPress has a built-in plugin repository with access to hundreds of thousands of approved plugins by the WordPress Community.

Community Support

The TypePad community is small, and tech support is minimal. With WordPress, you have the backing of over 20 million users, who have installed WordPress on 60 million websites.

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All Inclusive TypePad to WordPress Conversion

All Conversions from TypePad to WordPress include full content.

  • All Posts and Pages
  • All Categories and Tags
  • All Images and Multimedia
  • All Comments and Trackbacks
  • All Post and Page Permalinks
  • Current Google and Search Engine Ranking
  • RSS Feed Visitors
  • Visitors

4 Step Process for TypePad to WordPress

Backup TypePad

1 We’ll create a backup of your existing TypePad blog posts, pages, comments, files and images. Along with this backup, we’ll run a check of your current site SEO to see how we can improve your search engine optimization once we’ve moved on to Step 2.

Install WordPress

2 We’ll install and setup WordPress on your website host using optimal SEO plugins and techniques to insure that your new site starts awesome. We’ll also make a few plugin recommendations based on the content that you have.

Transfer TypePad

3 We’ll move your TypePad posts, pages, images, and media over to WordPress. Then we’ll create 301 redirects from your TypePad Domain Mapping to your new WordPress installation. You’ll be ready for your current and even new visitors in no time!

Branded Design

4 We can convert your TypePad template to WordPress, modify an existing WordPress theme, or create a custom WordPress theme for your brand. We’ll do all of this while making sure that your SEO is consistent, if not better!

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