We Fix WordPress, Reported Attack Pages

We Fix WordPress, Reported Attack Pages

We Fix WordPress. 

Reported Attack Pages are scary.

Not only that. But the big red blaring screen that visitors get is very unprofessional. With the increase of mal-ware found around the internet, Reported Attack Pages assist visitors in determining if a website could be potentially harmful to their computer. If you receive one of these errors while visiting your own WordPress website, chances are, you’ve got a big issue. And we can fix it for you.

How Do Reported Attack Pages Happen?

Mal-ware can attack a website through many avenues. There are just too many to list. But the most common reasons when it comes to WordPress websites are:

  1. Old Plugins
  2. Vulnerable Plugins
  3. Incorrect Installation or Upgrade Practices
  4. Incorrect Directory Permissions
  5. Database Weakness

We Fix WordPress

We can fix this error and harden your WordPress website against additional attacks. If you’re interested in a security hardening for the prevention of possible future attacks, we can help you there as well. Contact us today to Fix Your WordPress Security.

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